Sunday, January 6, 2013

School Starts Again

               Me and the kids enjoyed our presents So much, but now it's time to head back to school on Monday. I had so much fun with my cousins in Hurricane, Utah. We actually flew a plane to Las Vegas, and then Grandma Reeve drove us to her house. It's better to fly in a plane than travel by car. My mom would rather drive more than fly on a plane
                 On the flight home after mom went out of the elevator with 2 suitcases, the elevator took me and Savannah and Sophia to floor 2. What an embarrassing memory. That was why Mom thought airports are stressfull.
                      Las Vegas was actually pretty cool, but right when I went home with my family, (My dad did not come) we did not hear Jecca. We found out she was dead. She was a good doggy. I was going to miss her a lot.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

                       I got what I always wanted years ago, a bean bag chair. I got it from Santa. He had to rearrange his whole sleigh to make the chair fit. I wonder how he got it down the chimney.
                         Sophia got a rare LaLa Loopsy, and a Chest to keep it in.
                    Savannah got a toy horse named, "Butterscotch".
                      I got a Panda Express gift card in my Stocking, and we recently got a new game system, a PS3. (Play Station 3) You could also watch movies on the PS3.

                  This is Jecca's last Christmas. We didn't know when she was going to die.
                                 Jecca's note read:
                                You have gained a little weight this year! I have to hold back on your treats this time. In the summer you need to go on walks with Isaac. Be a good doggie, and PLEASE, PLEASE, more pooping on the carpet ever! You are on my nice list for sure! Keep talking and purring, we all like to hear it. Thanks for not barking at me when I fell down the chimney! Enjoy your Christmas Day.
                         Santa Claus.
            Obviously, we were not going to hear anymore talking and purring, because Jecca is dead.
Jecca was a good doggy. She was the best.

Jecca, the best dog

We've had our sweet little cocker spaniel/toy collie for 3 and a half years and now, she died of some type of sickness. Jecca was doing okay for the last few days, and now she died. We got Jecca on July 2009, and she died on January 2013. On Powell's 3rd birthday, Jecca could not eat anything, not even snow. She gave up dog food a couple of weeks ago. Right after she went potty, she just sat on the front porch, she could not stand up. She usually ran around the house, but on the night, she died. Emily, Savy, and Sophia spent some of the time in my room, crying, and heartbroken. And then Nick carried Jecca on a truck, in the trunk, with her on a dog bed. He buried her in the mountains of Vedauwoo, and then went to dog heaven. We still had a lot of treats left. We were going to give them to Grandpa Larsen's dogs. We had to think about what to get for a replacement. So we planned to get a Goldendoodle this Christmas, but we don't know what to name it yet. And we don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. and P.S.,: School Snack!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Every Halloween

In 2007, Dad handed out rice cakes, In 2008, he handed out raisins, in 2009 he handed out prunes. Everyone hated his treats. He gave out Trail Mix. It is not the kind with M&M's, peanuts, cashews, raisins, and almonds. It is homemade trail mix. It has Dried Apricots, Granola, Sunflower Seeds, and Craisins. When the first trick or treater came to his house, he put a bag of his trail mix in the trick or treater's bag, and then the trick or treater cried. Everyone hated his trail mix so much, that they threw tomatoes at him and the house. My dad tried to dodge the tomatoes but, he was too slow. And when we got home, the house was a complete disaster. It took a week to clean the tomatoes off. THE END

Thursday, August 2, 2012

world's worst trail mix

My dad hands out trail mix every Haloween. It is homemade trail mix. It has Dried Apricots, Granola, Sunflower Seeds, and Craisins. Every Trick-or-treater hated dad's trail mix so much, they threw tomatoes at our house. Most of the tomatoes landed on dad. And it took at least a week to clean the tomatoes off of the house.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The life of Isaac Lakrat

My new last name is Lakrat. I got it from my friend when he typed in his last name as Market.


I gave Jecca lots of new nicknames. I called her Popsley, Poopsley, Fat Rabbit, Fido, and Pig Bang.g